The Case of the Case-Sensitive CustomFilter Refiner

While working on a project involving setting up FAST Search Server 2010 for Sharepoint, I ran into trouble setting up a custom date refiner. I was hoping to see refiner values that said things like ‘Last 30 Days’, ‘Last 60 Days’, and ‘Earlier’, but instead I saw this, which is the date ranges for the last 30 days, last 60 days, etc.

This is a problem, because it’s much harder to quickly grasp what the different groups are. Which is easier, to understand ‘Last 30 days’ or ‘From 2012-08-12 to 2012-09-12’? Considering that most of the date range is not visible, this makes it even harder to consume. I wanted to fix this.

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Sharepoint 2007: 'Only their own' permission on Document Library - Update!

OK, after getting tired of manually setting this using Sharepoint Manager 2007, I decided to put together a solution. This solution provides a nice drop-down on the Document Library ‘Security’ menu like this:

And when you click on the ‘Read/Write Security’ link, you’ll see this:

It looks and acts just like the page for standard lists - but this one also works for document libraries.

Download the solution from codeplex at

Sharepoint 2007: Picture Library limitations

In working with the Picture Library in Sharepoint 2007, I’ve run across 2 limitations:

1. No web part connections. For some reason Microsoft decided that Picture Libraries would never need web part connections. It’s greyed out, as seen here:

2. Picture Libraries do not have the option to give users permissions to only view the pictures they created (and not view pictures that other users created). You can do this on non-document, non-picture library lists. Here is what it looks like on the ‘Advanced Settings’ page for a list:

But you don’t get that on a picture library.