Bookmarklets gone Awry in Firefox

Bookmarklets are simple, right? You put a snippet of javascript into a bookmark prepended by ‘javascript:’, and then you can click your bookmark to do some javascript magic on your page. For example, if you create a bookmark with this URL (Basic Bookmarklet Demo):

javascript:alert('Hello World');

You will see a ‘Hello World’ alert when you click the bookmark (don’t forget to turn on your bookmark toolbar in your web browser so you have a place to put your bookmarklets).

There are all sorts of interesting bookmarklets out there. You can have bookmarklets that help you analyze your DOM, clean up a page to make it more readable, or even share on Facebook.

However, as with all things related to web development, things don’t always work the same on all web browsers. I was recently working with a bookmarklet that needed to wait until the page was finished loading before it did anything, so I used the setTimeout method, like this (Broken Bookmarklet Demo{alert( “Demo for Broken Bookmarklet - drag to bookmarks bar to test”)):

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